Australian Communication Exchange (ACE) is a national not-for-profit community organisation.

Our Vision

Access to Communication for Everyone.

Our Mission

ACE is a key link between people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, communication impaired and the hearing. We are united by our determination that people who are Deaf, hard of hearing, or communication impaired will have access to telecommunications of their choice. At ACE we will achieve this by providing world-class telecommunication services and facilitating necessary progress to meet changing needs.

Our History

Australian Communication Exchange (ACE) is a national not-for-profit community organisation. ACE was established to facilitate equity of access to the telecommunications network for people who are Deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment. In its early beginnings, ACE also conducted research into communication technologies and continues to do so. ACE formed in May 1995 after a merger between two well-known and established Australian 'parent' organisations - Deaflink Inc. and Deafness Resources Australia (DRA).

Principles and Goals

Our Principles

  • Accountable - ACE is accountable to and measurable by our communities.
  • Constituency based - ACE will provide and facilitate action for all our stakeholders.
  • Evidence based - ACE will thoroughly examine the needs of our communities and partners. ACE recognises that there are other communication solutions available, and ACE is determined to provide these to meet the changing needs of our constituency.

Our Goals

  • We're committed to working with government, other not-for-profit organisations and community groups.
  • We're committed to collaborations with the Deaf, communication impaired and hearing impaired communities to improve access to communications and services.
  • We facilitate and provide services to meet evidence based needs of our communities.
  • We partner with community organisations to understand and address the needs of our communities.
  • We partner with information and communication providers to address the needs of our communities.
  • We invest assets to provide the best commercial returns to achieve our vision and mission.
  • We believe our communities deserve the same communication standards as the rest of Australia, and ensure this through our services.
  • We're committed to providing high quality services.
  • We continue to find ways of improve our communication services and products.
  • We work with others to meet all of these goals.


ACE offers a number of services to our community.

Community Video Kiosk

Public video kiosk for the Deaf community in Darwin, Northern Territory.

Contact Us

Please note that under ACE’s contract with the Commonwealth, the company is strictly prohibited from discussing or providing any and all information about the NRS or its contractual matters and therefore, if you do have any concerns or questions regarding the announcement by the Department of Communications and the Arts of a new provider of the NRS, please see the Accesshub website contacts:


If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment:
  1. Contact the National Relay Service(NRS)
  2. Quote number: (02) 6271 1000.

Otherwise use the form below to get in contact with us or you can call us on (07) 3815 7600.